EVENING MENU (19th to 21st May)



Curious brewery lager / IPA / Cidre Breton / Basque cider  £5.5
Mimosa / negroni / gin & tonic  £8.5
Plum sake Manhattan  £10 

St. John sourdough, whipped salted honey butter (v)  £3.5
Cerignola olives (vg)  £4.5    
Morteau smoked sausage, radicchio jam  £7.5        
Warm smoked eel, grilled baguette, devilled egg mayo  £9

Jersey royals, herb butter (v/vg)  £6
Roast carrots, labneh, carrot glaze, toasted pumpkin seeds (v/vg)  £8

Kent asparagus, brown butter hollandaise, hazelnuts (v)  £11
Stracciatella, romesco, charred leek, crispy kale (v/vg)  £12    
Pici, courgette pesto, truffled pecorino (v/vg)  £12
Steak tartare, toast, anchovy mayo  £13    
Butterflied gurnard, red pepper escabeche, saffron aioli  £18
Beef picanha steak, Kent asparagus, comte sauce  £19
Lamb rump, sheep’s ricotta, dates, confit spinach  £19

Tunworth cheese (30g), Agen prunes, crackers (v)  £5    
Affogato (v)  £6
Vanilla rice pudding, mango sorbet, toasted almonds (vg)  £7        
Chocolate mousse, honeycomb, cocoa nibs (v)  £7.5

        Make staff aware of allergies please. Service is not included.