Menu: 21st to 27th July

Monday to Saturday

Dine in, pre-order & takeaway (call 0207 3544830)

Two slices of sourdough toast, butter & jam  £3

Pasta, tomato, cheese (for the kids)  £4

Bircher, Greek yoghurt, strawberries, hazelnuts, honey  £6

Croissant French toast w/ cinnamon sugar, mascarpone, maple syrup  £7

Poached Burford Browns on sourdough toast (add extras below)  £6.5

Avocado, parmesan, pickled shallots, vine tomato, fried egg, bap  £7.5

Bacon or sausage demi brioche bap w/ smoked garlic & tomato chutney  £7.5

(add a fried egg £1.50, double fried egg £3)

Tuna, tarragon, mozzarella, cheddar, sweetcorn, red onion flatbread  £8
(Cilbir) Garlic labneh, beurre noisette, dill, parsley, poached eggs, sourdough  £11
Fried chicken oysters, mango & chilli sauce, curry leaf mayo, almond slaw, naan  £13
Pan fried salmon, creamed spinach, confit cherry tomatoes, basil, croutons  £14




Extra slice of sourdough toast  £1

Extra poached egg  £1

Treacle cured back bacon  £4

Cumberland sausages  £4

Lambton & Jackson Maldon cure smoked salmon  £4.5

Jersey Royal, thyme & runner bean hash  £5



Karma cola / gingerella / lemony lemonade / summer orangeade £2.5

Blood orange / grapefruit / apple juice  £3.5

Curious brewery lager / Curios brewery IPA / cidre Breton / Basque cider  £5

House red / white / rose / prosecco  £7

Mimosa / bloody Mary / negroni  £7

Make staff aware of allergies please. Service is not included.