Pre-order & takeaway (call 0207 3544830)



Bircher, Greek yoghurt, toasted almonds, banana, honey   £6
Avocado, pickled shallot, smoked cheddar, fried egg, tomato demi brioche bap  £7.5
Bacon or sausage demi brioche bap w/ smoked garlic & tomato chutney  £7.5
(add a fried egg £1.50, double fried egg £3)

Butternut squash soup w/ sourdough  £6
Israeli couscous tabbouleh salad w/ za'atar honey roast parsnips  £11
Israeli couscous tabbouleh salad w/ za'atar roast salmon fillet  £14
Herb roast chicken, pate, aioli, tomato & baby gem on focaccia  £10
(add fries £3)

Heat at home meal (serves 2)

BBQ butter chicken, garlic naan, Kashmiri rice, carrot & mint salad  £26

Chicken: 20 minutes 170c, Rice: 15 mins 170c, Naan: 5 mins 170c 



See chalkboard for hot drinks  

Karma cola, gingerella, lemony lemonade, summer orangeade, sparkling water  £2.5

Orange/apple cold pressed juice   £3.5

House red/white/prosecco   £7/£19

Two tribe’s lager/pale ale/IPA/cidre Breton  £4

Mimosa/bloody Mary/negroni/Campari watermelon spritz   £7


Make staff aware of allergies please. Service is not included.